woensdag 5 december 2012

World's Smallest Grande Armee proudly announces her triumphant arrival in Vilnius, the ending point of the journey she started 50 days ago in Moscou!! The only two members of this minuscule army were greatly supported by Freya, a small carriage they found in the woods of Semlevo, between Vyazma and Smolensk, and that kept on carrying their load for nearly a month. The last days in Belarus and Lithuania were particularely difficult due to the changed weather conditions. Heavy snowfall and frost are not exactly the conditions for which Freya was constructed. But turning her into a snow sledge was too much hassle for the exhausted soldiers of WSGA. Yesterday evening Freya was parked right under the huge Christmas tree near Vilnius' Bell Tower. 

Crossing the border to Lithuania took WSGA exactly 30 minutes and aroused only smiles and handshakes of the astonished border officials. Who says Belarusian custom procedures are a drag? You'll never hear that from our side! Our luggage wasn't even checked.

WSGA wishes to thank all the people who helped them make her journey possible. Here we are with Lucie, a fantastic Lithuanian woman who gave us shelter on our last day.

Our last busstop picknick was turned into a wonderful event by Kiryl, the second co-walker on our crazy trip. Kiryl made an extroardinary move towards the local youth, giving them a history lesson they are not likely to forget. Tomorrow's grafiti on the wall behind Dimi will certainly be nothing less than 'VIVE L'EMPEREUR'!!

Fjodor (Theodore pour les amis) was WSGA's very first co-walker, accompanying us from Smarghon to Osjmianets. The Grande Armee's bivouacs on that stretch of road have no secrets for Fjodor, who gladly told us all the details. He even knew the exact places where the restaurants stood in those days. We looked for more modern ones to quench our thirst and hunger, but unluckily found none. Sadly, this means that business on the Grande Armee's road is going downward.

And here's one more guy we want to thank from the bottom of our heart, for he made our journey through Belarus an incredible succession of hospitable meetings and events. Anatoli (Tolek pour les amis) from Borisov!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a friend!!!!!!  

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