donderdag 13 december 2012

World's Smallest Grande Armee is back in Belgium, enjoying family life again. Our crazy journey has come to an end. We would like to thank all people who supported us throughout the trip, not only those who actually gave us hospitality, but also our supporters at home. You were all fantastic!!! And what to think of Karsten's sister Anne, who made these wonderful pictures!

"This way to Vilnius?"

"Or that way?"

Belgian press paid some attention to our exploit. Here is an article about us in Antwerp's Newspaper "Gazet van Antwerpen". 

Here's another article, from Het Laatste Nieuws. The nice thing is that the same picture keeps coming back: with Freya in the snow! We walked in these conditions only for two days, but apparently this is the image that people want to see when thinking of a Grande-Armee-Moscow-Retreat-Re-enactment! "Oh you must have frozen to death?!" "Well... actually... It wasn't THAT bad..."

They call it a "Horror-journey". May well have been so for Napoleon and his 600.000 friends, but that's not how WE felt about the trip. The only horror experience we had was when we met this Afghan veteran. He showed us a bullet scar in his neck. Pretty scary! He was friendly at first, but he turned into an animal when after we had entered his house. Luckily Dimi had a better shot. Say no more...

Oh yeah... Tonight we'll be at Café Corsari on Eén TV! We'll post an internet video shortly, if it's available...

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