vrijdag 23 november 2012

Today World's Smallest Grande Armee did in 5 minutes what took Napoleon 3 days: to safely cross the Berezina!

We are no longer on our own. We recruited a rearguard in Tolocyn. They're fine and peaceful lads still, but we're sure that playstation will turn them into monsters soon ;)

Unlike Napoleon's troops we enjoy a very comfortable winter. No snow to be seen, no cold to be felt!!! No need to turn our little Freya into a a sledge so far...

And unlike the Grande Armee we have a good meal every now and then. After we finished the horse we had a kitten for dessert. We don't recommend it. We'll try some dog next time. The meat between the ears is said to be not quite bad.

In the meantime we were almost prepared as main dish ourselves! This video proves that we sometimes go through extreme danger in our effort to copy the Grande Armee's disastrous retreat!

(Big thanks to Vlad, Dmitri and Sergei in Dorogobush and Michaelovna)

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