vrijdag 2 november 2012

Friday 2d of November: we're in Vyaz'ma, the biggest city we encountered since we left Moscou on foot two and a half weeks ago. 

Following the footsteps of Napoleon's Grande Armee isn't an easy task. The old Smolensk road runs through forests and fields, and with rain, frost, snow, thaw and overnight rain & frost again, it's often an impossible task. The heavy muddy soil won't quickly absorb the water of all this melting snow, turning the most innocent field into a swamp. Imagine Nappy's light artillery pushing a 200kg heavy canon through this mess. Oh you poor old boys with your empty stomachs, how doth we pity you!! The very mud we trod on is your grave, for real graves you lacked. 
Anyway... we often choose existing asphalt alternatives, heavy enough we think. But this hole in the asphalt almost became OUR grave though!

We're in good physical and mental condition, gaining forces for the real thing: the way between Vyaz'ma and Smolensk isn't exactly littered with cities and warm hotels. But we found some friends through the internetsite smolbattle.ru
We've been told they can help us realize the walk to Smolensk. We do hope so. We already met some of them at a crazy barbecue near Mozjaisk. Thanks to Alexei & wife, Igor, Igir, Ignat, Maxim & Bamks and Monsieur Jan & Sacha for your taxi services. Here's some pictures of the event. Maybe more are to be found on smolbattle.ru

And since there seems to be more pictures of Dimi than of Kartsen, here's one for his fans. Eating a horsemeat sandwich!

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