maandag 17 september 2012

Victor Eiser and Paul Le Quere are a Canadian and an Englishman who take part in Napoleonic Re-enactments. Karsten and Dimi met them in Borodino in early september and took a small interview. Both were exhausted, having had almost no food for two days and doing nothing than marching and preparing to march. And these are men who did NOT engage into battle. But maybe they would have felt less tired if they would have been given the opportunity to chop a few Russian's heads off, because as they say: all the did during the battle was 'stand and watch'. 
We've chosen to put French subtitles to the interview because our Russian is not yet THAT good!

Watch and enjoy! Paul and Victor, we'll think about you and your encouragements when we will be out there marching and freezing! Hope you'll think about us too... Vive les Grenadiers à pied de la Garde Impériale!

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